umop apisdn

"Lava 1" by lord_yo, used under CC BY / cropped

My person-action-object (PAO) system using major system words exclusively. Some are a stretch, but it's a very easy system to learn with the major system crutch.


  • Animals make great objects.
  • I like to distinguish 03 and 3, so I've actually got 110 triplets.
  • My real personal list replaces many…

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  • Eplacéra nyäen etterló "K" ithwó äen etterlí "C"
  • Ovémí héten irstfë etterlä fóen achéï ordwó óten héten ndéen
    • Fíen héten ordwá síen esslú hantë 4 etterslï onglá, ddäen héten ndingéa -en
    • Fíen héten ordwí síen ongerlá utben ndséó níen äen owelvó, ddäen -th
    • Fíen héten ordwï síen ongerló utben ndséá n…

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I prefer[^1] to parse code and literature with my mind and eyes, not weird highlighting. So I usually have syntax highlighting off. But having commented out code look different is really helpful. If you would like that kind of setup, drop

" Turn off all syntax highlighting except comments and errors

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