Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is great, but I try to think of her lyrics as nonsense (a la Tori Amos1) because they're always "introspective"2 . Today's case in point, youtube told me against my will that instead of a bunch of gibberish about astrology, Little Green is a about giving up her newborn daughter for adoption.

  1. Jeez, five seconds looking for some nonsense lyrics by her brought up stuff about multiple miscarriages and female genital mutilation. 

  2. i.e. personal stuff about her life I don't want to hear about when I'm doing the dishes. 

Person - Action - Object

My person-action-object (PAO) system using major system words exclusively. Some are a stretch, but it's a very easy system to learn with the major system crutch.

Note: - Animals make great objects. - I like to distinguish 03 and 3, so I've actually got 110 triplets. - My real personal list replaces many celebrity and generic names with friends: I suggest you do likewise. - Suggestions for simpler replacements are more than welcome. - Having the triplets be striking themselves made them easier for me to remember.

I've *'d names of friends that are too specific and words that are too offensive. Most things have a clearer description if you hover your mouse over them.

numeral(s) Person action object/animal
0 Zooey saw ice
1 Eddie eat tea
2 Noah gnaw wine
3 Moe mow mayo
4 Ray row rhea
5 Leah lay wheel
6 Joey shoo shoe
7 Key key cow
8 Eve wave pho
9 Poe bow pie
00 Zeus sauce seesaw
01 sit soda
02 sign swan
03 Osama sumo Zima
04 Sarah swear sari
05 * swallow seal
06 Sacha switch sushi
07 Isaac suck sock
08 Sophie save sofa
09 Sapp swab soup
10 Dice toss dice
11 Dad tattoo toad
12 Dan don iodine
13 Tom dim dime
14 Tara tear tire
15 Dali dial towel
16 Tasha touch dish
17 Dick tug dog
18 Dave dive taffy
19 Debbie type tuba
20 Nas wince noose
21 Wendy untie net
22 Winona Onan onion
23 Naomi enema gnome
24 Nero Nair nori
25 Neil inlay nail
26 Nietzche nudge nacho
27 Nick knock Nokia
28 Neve knife knife
29 Anubis nip knob
30 mace mice
31 mute mead
32 Mannie moon money
33 Mom mime muumuu
34 Maury marry marrow
35 Molly maul mule
36 Mitch mash match
37 Mike mug mug
38 Maeve move muff
39 Moby mop amoeba
40 Rosie raise rice
41 Rita ride rat
42 Ron rein iron
43 * ram ram
44 Rory roar rear
45 Raul reel
46 Archie reach roach
47 Rick rake rock
48 Rafa rough reef
49 Reba rub rope
50 Liz lace lice
51 Lidia light lute
52 lean lion
53 Elmo loom lime
54 Larry lure lyre
55 Lola lol lily
56 Alicia leash leech
57 Luke lick elk
58 Livia leaf loofah
59 * elbow wallaby
60 Joyce chase cheese
61 Jodie sh*t cheetah
62 John shine chain
63 Jimmy shame chum
64 Jerry shear chair
65 Joel chill cello
66 Judge shush shojo
67 Shaka choke chalk
68 Jeff shave Jif
69 Chip chop sheep
70 Gauss kiss goose
71 Cate cut cat
72 Gwen cane canoe
73 Kim comb comb
74 cry car
75 Kelly call koala
76 Coach catch cashew
77 Cookie kick
78 Kofi cuff coffee
79 Kobe cube cape
80 Fozzie fuse fez
81 Fett feed foot
82 Vanna fan phone
83 Femme fume foam
84 Fry fry wafer
85 Phil file foil
86 Fitch fish fish
87 * fig
88 Five fife fife
89 Phoebe vibe fob
90 Busey pss bees
91 Bettie bite bat
92 open piano
93 Pam bam beam
94 Barry bury bear
95 Paul blow pillow
96 Bush pitch peach
97 Beck puke pig
98 Buffy pave beef
99 Pope pop **

How to write in pig-elvish

  • Eplacéra nyäen etterló "K" ithwó äen etterlí "C"
  • Ovémí héten irstfë etterlä fóen achéï ordwó óten héten ndéen
  • Fíen héten ordwá síen esslú hantë 4 etterslï onglá, ddäen héten ndingéa -en
  • Fíen héten ordwí síen ongerlá utben ndséó níen äen owelvó, ddäen -th
  • Fíen héten ordwï síen ongerló utben ndséá níen äen onsonantcë, ddäen äen andomrë owelvä óten héten ndéen
  • Princlésë iberallylé ithwa ccentäth arcsmé



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How to only highlight comments in vim

I prefer1 to parse code and literature with my mind and eyes, not weird highlighting. So I usually have syntax highlighting off. But having commented out code look different is really helpful. If you would like that kind of setup, drop

" Turn off all syntax highlighting except comments and errors which are actually useful.
set t_Co=256
syntax on
highlight Comment    cterm=italic ctermfg=none
highlight Error      ctermfg=yellow
highlight Constant   ctermfg=none
highlight Identifier ctermfg=none
highlight Statement  ctermfg=none
highlight PreProc    ctermfg=none
highlight Type       ctermfg=none
highlight Special    ctermfg=none
highlight Underlined ctermfg=none

into your .vimrc If you use gvim instead of vim at the console, you need to replace those ctermfg's with guifg's.

  1. Not anymore (2015).