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jdev@conference.jabber.org - 2002/12/15

[00:11] * peregrine opens that url
[00:12] <ukscone> which url?
[00:12] <ukscone> and boy that's some lag you got their :)
[00:12] <ukscone> s/their/there
[00:13] %% ermine has joined
[00:13] <peregrine> jabberworld - and why not add a link to http://www.jabber.org/journal/ ? ;)
[00:13] <ermine> hello
[00:13] <peregrine> i've been busy tweaking my modem settings, so testing the latest changes
[00:13] <peregrine> hi ermine
[00:14] <ukscone> i am thinking about it although stpeter has said i can beg, borrow, steal and plagurize anything I want from j.o
[00:14] <ukscone> hi ermine
[00:14] <ukscone> pere: added sock mode?
[00:15] <peregrine> uks: ;) nah, just messing around with mtu/mru and proc settings ;)
[00:15] <peregrine> i was shocked when I got a connect speed of 54666 earlier today ;)
[00:16] <ukscone> oh so not reflashing it, just windows/linux settings
[00:20] * ermine looked at jabberworld.com. No new since yesterday. Not good.
[00:20] <ermine> ukscone: the news should be ever day :)
[00:20] <ukscone> ermine: housework takes precedence this weekend
[00:21] <ermine> housework? hm
[00:21] <ukscone> got a homevisit scheduled on monday to checkup on the kid as he has missed 35 days of school, so they like to make sure we arn't holding him hostage or murdered him
[00:22] <ukscone> so have to springclean and fit a new lock on my bedroom as it would be one of the labours of hurcules to clean that in 3 days :)
[00:22] <ukscone> ermine: it should be updated every day, but it is a periodical :) and i haven't found any yet
[00:23] <ukscone> and ermine if you wish to see new things (btw you were the only links user to hit the site) write me something :)
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[00:24] <ermine> ukscone: :) what about wsSkabber? i build wxGTK, but not found sources of wxSkabber :(
[00:24] <theo> anyone good at simple graphic design here?
[00:24] <theo> i'm in need of a large silhouette of a face in side profile....
[00:24] <ukscone> ermine: i don't know if edrin has/is releasing them yet
[00:24] <ukscone> theo: hit the clipart
[00:24] <theo> ukscone: yeah, not finding any side profile silhouette faces online
[00:25] <theo> i've been looking all afternoon and evening.
[00:25] <ukscone> or find a photo and turn it to monochrome and then just run a sharpen on it :)
[00:27] <ukscone> http://cla.calpoly.edu/~smarx/Journeys/Gettytrip/head1.JPG and reduce colours and sharpen, should look ok\
[00:28] <ukscone> or this might be better http://www.rileylee.net/photos_l/face_profile.jpg
[00:31] <theo> hm... thanks.
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[00:41] <peregrine> been also playing around a little with bzflag ;)
[00:42] <ukscone> :)
[00:43] <ukscone> damm centericq looks nice but damm hard to fiddle with :)
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[00:45] <ChatBot> [zariok]: Been around for years but still doesn't have a join message. :-(
[00:45] <ukscone> prefixes hashes to the gc name
[00:45] <ukscone> even on jabber ones
[00:45] %% ukscone is now known as uks
[00:46] <zariok> ?? mod_jabber
[00:46] <ChatBot> Unknown query "mod_jabber"
[00:46] <zariok> <query> what happend to jer's development on mod_jabber?</query>
[00:47] <uks> <answer> sod knows </answer>
[00:47] <zariok> L-P
[00:47] <zariok> :-P too
[00:48] <zariok> look like last mention is back in 2001
[00:48] * peregrine wonders if its in the old cvs section
[00:49] <zariok> http://www.jabber.org/chatbot/logs/conference.jabber.org/foundation/2002-01-16.html -> [15:43] <jmbarry> But FYI I am going to concentrate on Getting jabber.apache.org site up for http/wcs + mod_jabber
[01:00] <peregrine> mod_jabber is in js cvs
[01:00] <peregrine> as is http/wcs
[01:01] %% jer has joined
[01:01] <ChatBot> [jer]: Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both yes and no
[01:01] <jer> http://www.jabberstudio.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/mod-jabber/
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[01:01] <jer> I've always been meaning to come back and work on that again
[01:02] <jer> and still do :)
[01:02] <jer> I want to get my latest little s2s "toy" code working first
[01:02] <zariok> i was buildind apache2 / php to work on the oracle end of gforge for tim...
[01:02] <jer> ahh... the mod_jabber stuff was just an experiment
[01:02] <zariok> thought there was a jabber module and started hunting for it
[01:02] <jer> I think it'd be useful, but what's there is just the basics
[01:03] <jer> there is a mod_auth_jabber, which works too
[01:03] <zariok> just authenticate against jabber?
[01:03] <jer> someday mod_jabber will be an official "project" again :)
[01:03] * jer nods
[01:03] <zariok> like mod_auth_ldap
[01:03] <zariok> ah
[01:04] <zariok> love the comment(s) for cvs "it works, but is filled with debug code and very much just a prototype"
[01:07] <jer> raw honesty, *g*
[01:08] * uks dons his chequebook journalists hat -- jer is that statement on the record? :)
[01:08] * peregrine wishes he could get to the bottom of the weird mu-conference behaviour
[01:08] <uks> pere: and can I quote you? :)
[01:09] %% peregrine is now known as not_peregrine
[01:09] * jer sneaks up behind uks
[01:09] <jer> BOO
[01:09] <uks> ok then sources close to....
[01:09] <not_peregrine> i think its related to xhash, but i'm not sure
[01:10] <uks> jer: btw can I plagurize anything I find with your name on it for jw.c please?
[01:10] <jer> gcc -o fun jw.c
[01:11] <jer> uks: sure, I think :)
[01:11] %% not_peregrine is now known as Peregrine
[01:11] <uks> ooooo just noticed tkabber shows the number of users in a gc again :) oh joy oh glee
[01:11] <mikem> exciting!
[01:12] <uks> jer: ok thanks, still extremly spartan and i've got a bit of writers block newswise atm
[01:12] <Peregrine> uks: btw, how many simultaneous users did you get in a room at any one time before the cpu usage went through the roof?
[01:12] <jer> np, I like that your taking the effort tho, could lead to great things
[01:13] <uks> it was 50 clonebots plus 4 real people before it getting unusable
[01:13] <uks> jer: i hope so, the more the merrier i say
[01:13] <Peregrine> hmm, that begins to tie in with reports i've got from someone saying about 30-40
[01:14] <zariok> is mu std or still draft?
[01:15] <Peregrine> Status: Draft
[01:15] <zariok> thans pergrine
[01:15] <zariok> s/pergrine/peregrine
[01:16] * Peregrine ponders redoing the internal structure of mu-c to try and speed it up
[01:17] * jer fades away, gotta get up early
[01:17] %% jer has left
[01:18] <Peregrine> maybe its not happy with the 7 hash tables per room ;)
[01:19] <Peregrine> oops, make that 9
[01:20] <Peregrine> although that should be faster instead of slower .. hmm ..
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[01:26] <ChatBot> [DrewCapu]: "Excuse me, are you saying 'Ni' to that old woman?"
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[01:35] * peregrine starts work on a new hash system
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[01:40] <mikem> whast the regex char for the end of a string?
[01:40] * peregrine also needs to find a crash course guide to java
[01:40] <peregrine> $
[01:41] <peregrine> ^ is beginning, $ is end
[01:41] <mikem> thanks
[01:41] <DrewCapu> i am the ^ and the $
[01:44] <DrewCapu> whoa, i think i just found kelly clarkson on hotornot. haha
[01:44] <DrewCapu> well at least someone who looks like her
[01:44] * DrewCapu is bored
[01:46] <uks> okapt is definatly evil :)
[01:46] <uks> flucked up my apt4rpm config and has taken about 4 hours to fix
[01:47] <uks> DrewCapu: must be bored if that is what he is spending his time doing :)
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[02:22] <peregrine> well, if it is xhash at fault, this new system should show it
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[02:26] <uks> cool
[02:26] <uks> in cvs yet? :)
[02:33] <peregrine> not yet - trying to emulate the xhash api so that it can drop in
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[02:39] <uks> ah ok
[02:42] %% adrian has joined
[02:42] <adrian> hi
[02:42] <adrian> question
[02:42] <mikem> hi
[02:43] <adrian> in one2one chat how are messages?
[02:43] <mikem> what?
[02:43] <adrian> i mean in groupchat the server sends the message back to me
[02:43] <mikem> why?
[02:43] <adrian> and i disply it...
[02:43] <mikem> yes
[02:43] <mikem> not in 1to1
[02:44] <mikem> you display it yourself
[02:44] <adrian> why?....
[02:44] <mikem> or, you wait for client to send back receipt if its cabable
[02:44] <adrian> it is a good idea...
[02:44] <adrian> and if the ocntact is offline?
[02:44] <adrian> contact...
[02:45] <adrian> i think that method of handling messages is a good ideea...
[02:45] <adrian> ...because i see my messages when verybody see
[02:47] <mikem> yeah
[02:49] <adrian> hmm maybe in the jabberd2 it should ne that w
[02:50] <mikem> suggest it :)
[02:50] <mikem> (to mailing list)
[02:50] <adrian> oki i'll suggest
[02:53] <adrian> suggestion sended :D
[02:54] <mikem> yay
[02:56] <adrian> mikem are you using msn?
[02:58] <uks> mike: ok two new news items on jw.c
[03:00] <mikem> yay
[03:00] <mikem> adrian: yes
[03:01] <mikem> uks: where would the best place be to send ideas on jabber advocacy?
[03:02] <adrian> mike do you think that jabber can e made to wark like msn...?
[03:02] <mikem> yes :)
[03:02] <mikem> definitely
[03:02] <adrian> i mean when you are chatting one2one, you could invite someone else in your discussion
[03:03] <adrian> i mean like a standard?
[03:03] <uks> mikem: to zion
[03:03] <mikem> hmm
[03:03] <uks> but let me know too as it's news :) well words anyway
[03:03] <mikem> just do groupchats by default
[03:03] <adrian> i try to convert a jabberclient in order to act leke a msn...
[03:03] <adrian> leke=like
[03:03] <adrian> but is very dificult
[03:03] <adrian> :(
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[03:33] <coZmo> hi
[03:33] <coZmo> n e 1 kno how i can get all my msn contacts to showup on the contact list
[03:34] %% coZmo has left
[03:37] <peregrine> invite them to use jabber? ;)
[03:38] <adrian> :D
[03:38] <adrian> (6)
[03:39] <uks> :)
[03:40] <uks> hmmmm starting to find stuff for jw, think it's time for a slight redesign
[03:40] <uks> !seen jpobst
[03:40] <ChatBot> Last seen 5 weeks 5 days 13 hours 56 minutes 51 seconds ago
[03:41] <uks> hmmm
[03:43] %% someone has joined
[03:44] <uks> well that's stating the obvious
[03:45] <someone> Advantages of Jabber MUC over IRC? How well does it scale? Netsplits?
[03:45] <someone> It's definatly cooler...
[03:45] <uks> definatly much cooler
[03:45] <someone> :)
[03:50] <someone> Is there anything else radical though other than the whole IRC/IM hybrid thing? (and the way it handles multiple clients (for the sa,e user)? and the huge potential for expansion. And authentification...)
[03:50] <someone> ?? muc
[03:50] <ChatBot> [muc]: Multi-User Chat. JEP: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0045.html | Component: http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/mu-conference/project/view.php | Clients: Exodus, Rival, Tkabber, IMCom
[03:51] <someone> should skabber be on that list?
[04:00] %% orly has joined
[04:01] <adrian> IRC...hmmm somebady is taking care of it?
[04:03] <someone> I don't mean a gateway... just as a direct replacement.
[04:10] <orly> I have a question in different issue, I started to develop with Jabber and I am looking for any implementation to interface to relational database ( I use Oracle).Does anybody have any experience to deal with interface to database rather than xdb files ?
[04:11] <adrian> x
[04:11] <adrian> xdb_mysql
[04:11] <adrian> i use it... an is.. hmm good for me
[04:12] <orly> is mysql is releational databse ?
[04:12] <adrian> yes
[04:16] <orly> So should I do in order to intergate to Oracle database, is it similar to the mysql implemntation ?
[04:21] <adrian> i dont know..
[04:21] <adrian> ?? xdb_sql
[04:21] <ChatBot> Unknown query "xdb_sql"
[04:21] <adrian> ?? xdb_mysql
[04:21] <ChatBot> Unknown query "xdb_mysql"
[04:21] <adrian> search google for
[04:22] <adrian> and on the xdb_mysql dite you will fondmore info
[04:22] * peregrine sighs at hash functions
[04:22] <adrian> i hate this word
[04:22] <adrian> hash... yeaics
[04:25] <orly> does mysql database can handle a large quantity of data ? do u have an experience with this ?
[04:26] <peregrine> grr - why, when the string looks identical, does this hash function give two different answers? *sigh*
[04:26] <adrian> orly yes it can...
[04:28] <orly> 10x adrian
[04:28] <adrian> orly
[04:29] <adrian> do you want to switch from oracle to mysql just for jabber?
[04:29] <adrian> i adviseyou to go to mysql wbsiteand look in there...
[04:30] <orly> first I don't want and second I can't because my all application use Oracle database.
[04:30] <adrian> :D
[04:31] <adrian> orly i yhink xdb_sql knows about oracle too
[04:31] <orly> what it's mean knows ?
[04:31] <adrian> i mean is wriiten to work with oracle
[04:33] <orly> so it can be workaround to integrate with Jabber , but isn't it double work ?
[04:34] <adrian> double work? from which point of view?
[04:37] <peregrine> night all
[04:38] %% peregrine has left
[04:38] <orly> The Jabber's open source version announced that xdb_sql doesn't support Oracle for external persistence storage , r u sure about ?
[04:41] <someone> don't they both (oracle and mysql) speak sql?
[04:41] * someone ducks
[04:41] <adrian> of course...
[04:42] <adrian> but the database conenctiion mode is different...
[04:42] <adrian> and oracle and mysql... doesnt have the exactly same capablities
[04:42] <adrian> for example mysql doesnt have views
[04:42] <orly> I don't familar with mysql , so do u mean that things that work with mysql should work on Oracle as well ?
[04:43] <adrian> the basic on
[04:47] <someone> why don't I get op privilages when i create a new room on conference.jabber.org ?
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[04:49] %% adrian has joined
[04:50] <adrian> because it doesn suport muc?
[04:55] <orly> what is muc ?
[04:55] <adrian> multi u ser chat
[04:56] <adrian> some irc similar chat...
[04:56] <adrian> with hierarchy in rooms
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[05:30] <bouil> hello é
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[05:50] <edrin> howdi
[06:02] %% sp2ong has joined
[06:02] <edrin> sp2ong: did you try wxSkabber? :)
[06:04] <sp2ong> no, I am use PSI
[06:04] <edrin> whatever you can try it ;)
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[06:06] * edrin has set the topic to: JDev || new wxSkabber available: http://skabber.rudbek.com/skb2-111_1setup.exe
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[06:17] <edrin> hello ronan
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[06:24] <peregrine> uks: fyi, i've just commited all the hash code changes
[06:24] <uks> re pere
[06:25] <uks> pere: ok i'm super busy today but i'll give it a go later
[06:25] <peregrine> thanks
[06:25] <uks> anything in particular to test/try ?
[06:26] <uks> i.e. find mikem and his imfamous clonebot
[06:26] <peregrine> just see when the cpu usage goes off the scale again
[06:27] <peregrine> i've also just fired a msg off to pc, asking him to have a look when he gets a chance
[06:28] <uks> ok, best to just use on muc but have a couple created
[06:28] <uks> is it tarballed?
[06:28] <peregrine> not yet, although I can tarball it if you'd like
[06:29] <uks> nope it's ok i'll grab it
[06:29] <uks> from cvs
[06:29] <peregrine> yup, just finished commiting it
[06:30] <peregrine> should be two new files - hash.c and hash.h
[06:30] <peregrine> oh, and changes in every .c file ;)
[06:32] <uks> ok :)
[06:32] <uks> any change to the muc.xml?
[06:32] <peregrine> no, identical
[06:32] <uks> ok
[06:33] <uks> now i have to remember how i started it :)
[06:35] <uks> ok running
[06:35] <uks> and talks@conference.burninghorse.com is open for business
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[06:40] * schallvirus hat den Betreff in fun gešndert.
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[06:56] <peregrine> .
[06:58] <uks> eändert.
[06:58] <uks> oh ok perhaps it didn't :(
[06:58] %% mik has left
[07:02] <uks> sorry about that pere
[07:02] <uks> it's back
[07:03] <peregrine> no worries ;)
[07:03] <uks> slight case of a ^D and no sleep for 36 hours
[07:03] <peregrine> know that one ;)
[07:08] <peregrine> going to grab a few hours sleep so I can attack muc again with a clear head
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[08:52] <Hunter> Hallo
[08:52] <ronan> lo
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[09:01] <adrian> s2s comunication is not over ssl? int it?
[09:04] <mik42> considering many servers are not configured for ssl, i don't think that s2s is required to be ssl, but it may be an option. Though I've only been using jabber for about 8 hours, so I couldn't tell you for sure :)
[09:05] <adrian> i think it ois agood idea.
[09:05] <zion> no... s2s is not ssl
[09:05] <adrian> it dhouldnt be necesay.. but if it is posible.. it should
[09:05] <zion> there currently is no way to determine if a message is encrypted from point to point
[09:06] <adrian> zion it could be alocated another port..
[09:07] <zion> I am not saying its not a good idea.... I am just saying that there is currently no means to determine it
[09:07] <adrian> but it could be
[09:07] <zion> what could be?
[09:07] <adrian> i mean all that c2s over ssl is useless if s2s is not over ssl
[09:07] <zion> true
[09:08] %% theo has joined
[09:08] <ChatBot> [theo]: I'm a monkey, can I have some of those bananas?
[09:10] <zion> hola theo
[09:13] %% conbhaill has joined
[09:14] <conbhaill> newbie, can anyone tell me how this is meant to work?
[09:14] <zion> like this
[09:14] <zion> e.g. you are suppose to chat with it
[09:14] <conbhaill> yes
[09:15] <conbhaill> I think I understand the chat bit, its how do I contact a colleague for messages etc
[09:15] <conbhaill> I seem to be getting a lot of error messages
[09:15] <zion> well, you have to find out what their JID is.... Jabber ID
[09:16] <zion> and once you know that, either add them to your roster, or send them a message
[09:16] <conbhaill> so like conbhaill is my JID ??
[09:16] <zion> no
[09:16] <zion> mine is zion@openaether.org/working
[09:16] <conbhaill> how do i find out what my JID is ?
[09:16] <zion> yours will look similar
[09:17] <zion> username@servername
[09:17] <conbhaill> thanks
[09:17] <conbhaill> I think the server I'm using here would be jabber.org would i be right ?
[09:18] <zion> sounds right
[09:18] <conbhaill> thanks a lot zion, good nic by the way :>
[09:18] <zion> np... heh thnx
[09:18] <conbhaill> I'll go see if I can contact my colleague bbl
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[09:34] %% EwS has joined
[09:37] <EwS> hi there
[09:37] <zion> hola
[09:37] <EwS> hola
[09:37] <EwS> are you spanish?
[09:37] <theo> EwS: no, he's just a wannabe spanish-speaker :)
[09:38] <zion> nope
[09:38] <EwS> haha
[09:38] <EwS> I'm from spain :D
[09:38] <zion> yeah.... thats the only word I know
[09:38] <EwS> hahahaha
[09:38] <EwS> I see
[09:38] <theo> EwS: ah, welcome!
[09:38] <EwS> tx!;)
[09:41] <EwS> well I have to go now , I'll come and chat a bit later
[09:41] <EwS> see ya all!
[09:41] <EwS> ;)
[09:41] <zion> cya
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[09:41] <meisgeghra> why is aol blocking jabber.org
[09:42] <meisgeghra> ?
[09:42] <zion> because AOL is the fruit of the devil
[09:42] <meisgeghra> lol
[09:43] <zion> ooohh man this is good
[09:43] <zion> theo, you still around?
[09:45] %% pcurtis has joined
[09:45] * pcurtis smiles ... "Fruit of the Devil" .... hehehehe
[09:46] <pcurtis> I usually call AOL the "Spawn of Satan" but hey, whatever works ;-)
[09:46] <zion> hey pcurtis
[09:46] <pcurtis> hey
[09:46] <zion> you see that last post to s-jig?
[09:46] <zion> "an interesting job to deal a protocol"
[09:47] <pcurtis> I haven't read much this morning.
[09:48] <meisgeghra> can any one explain the terms IRC & BOT ?
[09:49] <zion> IRC == Internet Relay Chat
[09:49] <meisgeghra> thanks again Zion :>
[09:49] <zion> BOT == application which listens for requests and then responds
[09:49] <zion> usually placed on a channel to help the participants
[09:49] <zion> ?? ChatBot
[09:49] <ChatBot> [chatbot]: Your friendly neighborhood Jabber channel bot. Lovingly crafted in Perl and here for your enjoyment. Remember: don't feed it after midnight and don't ever get it wet. URL: http://www.jabber.org/chatbot/
[09:50] <meisgeghra> lol
[09:50] <zion> ?? AOL
[09:50] <ChatBot> Unknown query "AOL"
[09:50] * zion fixes that
[09:50] <pcurtis> ?? aim
[09:50] <ChatBot> [aim]: The Mother of All Legacy Instant Messaging Services. Code for the Jabber gateway to AIM may be found at http://aim-transport.jabberstudio.org/
[09:50] <ronan> ?? AOL
[09:50] <ChatBot> Unknown query "AOL"
[09:51] <zion> ?? AOL
[09:51] <ChatBot> [aol]: Commonly viewed as the fruit of the devil by most people, see AIM for more constructive comments
[09:52] <adrian> ?? jabber
[09:52] <ChatBot> [jabber]: if you don't know by now, I'm not telling
[09:52] <ronan> AOL = Apple? (biblical) strange
[09:52] * pcurtis smiles
[09:53] <ronan> ?? Microsoft
[09:53] <ChatBot> Unknown query "Microsoft"
[09:53] <zion> ok.. not going to fall for that one
[09:53] <ronan> ;)
[09:54] <meisgeghra> want to know something funny?
[09:54] <zion> sure
[09:54] <meisgeghra> I was two years out of college with a higher diploma in computing when I discovered what DOS stood for :>
[09:55] <ronan> which one?
[09:55] <ronan> Disc Operating System or Denial of Service?
[09:56] <meisgeghra> shouldn't say I did my project with a buzz phraze generator :> and got a A :>
[09:56] %% int80h has left
[09:57] <meisgeghra> case of the kings new clothes v empty headed lecturers
[09:59] %% johan has joined
[10:00] %% johan has left
[10:01] %% lil gangsta has joined
[10:02] * lil gangsta has changed the subject to: sex
[10:02] %% lil gangsta has left
[10:02] * pcurtis has changed the subject to: sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll
[10:02] <pcurtis> hehehe ... I want to deal a protocol
[10:03] <zion> what the *hell* does that mean?
[10:03] <pcurtis> I don't know ...
[10:03] <zion> the guy wasn't subscribed to s-jig and I rejected the email
[10:04] <zion> so he subscribed and got it in
[10:04] <zion> the bastard
[10:04] <pcurtis> "Welcome to the Global Village that is the Internet!"
[10:05] <ronan> eh?
[10:05] <ronan> spam?
[10:05] <zion> no... according to my translation of the email, its a solicitation for an employee
[10:05] <zion> unless pcurtis has another interpretation of it
[10:07] <pcurtis> I agree. But to do what?
[10:07] <zion> deal a protocol man!! its plain as day
[10:08] %% sebastian has joined
[10:08] <pcurtis> Oooo ... like deal a full house?
[10:08] <pcurtis> gambling over jabber?
[10:08] <sebastian> Hi.
[10:08] <pcurtis> "jabber:iq:blackjack"
[10:09] * pcurtis has changed the subject to: JDev :: "Deal a protocol!"
[10:09] * pcurtis has changed the subject to: JDev :: "Deal a protocol!"sebastian: hi
[10:09] <pcurtis> sebastian: hi
[10:10] * zion has changed the subject to: JDev :: "Deal a protocol!"
[10:10] <pcurtis> heh
[10:10] <pcurtis> toe typing ...
[10:10] %% tech_jab has joined
[10:11] %% meisgeghra has left
[10:11] %% sebastian has left
[10:22] %% tech_jab has left
[10:28] %% pcurtis has left
[10:31] <adrian> so... can the ssl over s2s be done?
[10:31] <adrian> s2s overssl
[10:33] <zion> yep
[10:33] <adrian> what?...
[10:34] <adrian> :D
[10:34] <zion> just that your clients have no way of knowing that its happening, and if you limit to only ssl, then servers which don't use it can't connect to you
[10:34] <zion> so essentially you will be knocking 99% of the jabber network off your server
[10:35] <adrian> yes but i told you.. this should be only an option
[10:36] <adrian> the server should try to connect on s2s ssl port, and if it fails, it should connectr on s2s non-ssl port
[10:36] <zion> actually, the solution is more simple than that
[10:36] <zion> disco
[10:36] <zion> ?? disco
[10:36] <ChatBot> [disco]: Service Discovery http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0030.html
[10:37] <zion> however, its only in jabberd2 atm
[10:37] <zion> ?? jabberd2
[10:37] <ChatBot> [jabberd2]: The second generation jabber reference server. Thnx to rob...
[10:37] <zion> and its generally a bad idea to rely on network timeouts to indicate failure
[10:38] <adrian> anyway... some service dicovery?
[10:39] %% theo has left
[10:39] <adrian> is thare any other IM that support SSL?
[10:40] <zion> not that I am aware of
[10:41] <zion> if the messages that you are sending are of such importance that they *need* to be encrypted ... I would consider disabling s2s all together
[10:41] <zion> afk
[10:42] <adrian> zion i dont said that... i said that if exists c2s over ssl it shoul exist s2s overssl too
[10:49] %% ronan has left
[11:26] %% ender has joined
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[11:28] %% Mark has joined
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[11:35] %% Blue Tiger has joined
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[12:48] %% ukscone has joined
[12:48] <ChatBot> [ukscone]: and i thought the rattling was a loose screw
[12:48] %% ukscone has left
[13:07] %% ermine has joined
[13:08] <ermine> hello
[13:08] <zion> hola
[13:09] <ermine> boring?
[13:09] <zion> sunday is always slow here
[13:10] %% praetorius has joined
[13:10] %% praetorius has left
[13:10] <adrian> yeah.. i'm going to disco
[13:10] <adrian> :D:D:D:D::D
[13:22] <adrian> avatars.. what had happened with them?
[13:26] %% FJavier has joined
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[13:31] %% FJavier has joined
[13:32] <FJavier> HELLO

[13:32] %% FJavier has left
[13:33] %% edrin has joined
[13:33] <edrin> hi
[13:34] <ermine> edrin: i had build wxGTK and now wait for sources of wxSkabber
[13:35] <edrin> hehe :)
[13:35] <ermine> not soon?
[13:36] <edrin> ermine: you will need wxStaticBitmap to stretch bitmaps when they are resized... this is a wxwindows bug. to have the skin system working correct this wxwindows bug (all linux) must be fixed
[13:36] <edrin> ermine: i will prepare a bundle for your and also for pcurtis. but i have no time today... i will do it tomorrow or on wednesday
[13:37] <edrin> ok?
[13:37] <ermine> okay, thanks
[13:37] <edrin> :)
[13:37] <edrin> no problem
[13:44] %% Larme has joined
[13:44] <Larme> hello
[13:44] <edrin> hi
[13:44] <edrin> wxSkabber!
[13:44] <Larme> wazzup??
[13:45] <edrin> my client is ready for use!
[13:45] <adrian> edrin i sow you clint...
[13:45] <edrin> Larem: try it!
[13:45] <edrin> and?
[13:45] <adrian> i like its GUI...
[13:45] <edrin> thx :)
[13:46] <adrian> but.... its a little complicated tu use...
[13:46] <adrian> i mean you could make it simpller
[13:46] <edrin> how?
[13:46] <edrin> whats the problem?
[13:55] %% Larme has left
[13:55] %% omega has joined
[13:55] %% mik42 has left
[14:00] <adrian> edrin 'll tell u=you tomorow
[14:00] <adrian> i mean after 12 hours...
[14:01] %% aleksey has joined
[14:01] <aleksey> hi
[14:02] <edrin> ok
[14:02] <adrian> hi aleksey
[14:08] %% mik has joined
[14:09] <mik> Are group chats like this implemented with the mu-conference component?
[14:09] <mik> I want to add group chats to my server
[14:09] <aleksey> yes
[14:09] <aleksey> ?? muc
[14:09] <ChatBot> [muc]: Multi-User Chat. JEP: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0045.html | Component: http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/mu-conference/project/view.php | Clients: Exodus, Rival, Tkabber, IMCom
[14:10] <mik> cool, thanks aleksey
[14:10] %% ronan has joined
[14:14] %% asdgray has joined
[14:15] %% asdgray has left
[14:16] <adrian> i should start writing `andreea` for jabber.. but i dont know perl :((
[14:18] <zion> andreea?
[14:21] %% aleksey has left
[14:30] %% atrus has joined
[14:36] %% ronan has left
[14:50] %% peregrine has joined
[14:51] %% pcurtis has joined
[14:51] * peregrine has changed the subject to: JDev :: "Deal a protocol!" :: "You can have that client in any protocol you like, as long as its Jabber"
[14:51] <edrin> pcurtis: the next day, no time today, ok?
[14:51] <pcurtis> OK.
[14:52] <pcurtis> no problems ... I have to work on Peregrine's new MUC.
[14:52] <edrin> k
[14:55] %% mik has left
[14:56] %% mik has joined
[14:57] %% edrin has left
[14:57] <mik> ok, i just installed mu-conference, and...er...how do I add a group chat?
[15:03] <ermine> pcurtis: new problems with new muc?
[15:08] %% Peregrine has joined
[15:09] <Peregrine> Grr - can't connect to l.n.u
[15:09] <ermine> hm, two peregrines, hello anyway
[15:09] <Peregrine> ermine: 'peregrine' is a dead connection
[15:09] <pcurtis> sorry ... ermine: no new problems, but fixes to some other issues.
[15:09] <Peregrine> pc: hows it been handling?
[15:10] <pcurtis> just fine, so far.
[15:10] <ermine> peregrine: today i updated muc at jabber.ru
[15:10] <pcurtis> mik: create a char room by "joining" it.
[15:10] <Peregrine> ermine: i'm trying to isolate the weird issues by replacing pieces of code - the current cvs version has a completely new hash table system
[15:11] <ermine> Peregrine: i noticed that :)
[15:11] <Peregrine> the hashing function is basically the same, but them again I know the function is a good one - just changed it to generate an unsigned value instead of just an int
[15:12] <Peregrine> it might be the xhash code which caused mu-c to start playing up with >30 users. I know that xhash has come up a few times in the debugging
[15:13] <pcurtis> too many ...
[15:13] <Peregrine> the only other addition was a prime number checker, should I need to use a hash function which requires a prime number
[15:13] %% marian has joined
[15:13] %% marian has left
[15:14] <Peregrine> this needed to be done anyway, as I'm trying to move MU-C to be standalone
[15:15] %% pcurtis has left
[15:18] %% ermine has left
[15:34] %% peregrine has left
[15:34] %% edrin has joined
[15:37] %% ukscone has joined
[15:37] <ChatBot> [ukscone]: and i thought the rattling was a loose screw
[15:37] * zion thwaps uks
[15:38] <Peregrine> hi uks
[15:38] <Peregrine> zion: ? ;)
[15:38] <ukscone> pere:it's climbed to 0.0/0.9
[15:38] <ukscone> hi zion/pere
[15:38] <zion> uks knows what thats for
[15:39] <ukscone> zion: i have a pretty good guess but you did add one groups of words i didn't agree 100% with
[15:39] <ukscone> the rest is still fine
[15:39] <Peregrine> uks: hmm - have to keep an eye on that
[15:39] <Peregrine> hades.all-your-IM-are-belong-to-us.jabber.org ( ;)
[15:40] <ukscone> still think it should be
[15:40] <zion> uks: yeah, I did add that, but was thinking better of it, got distracted and sent it anyway...
[15:40] <ukscone> :)
[15:40] <Peregrine> anyone know of any good java tutorials .. i've decided to learn java ;)
[15:41] <zion> books are always good
[15:42] <ukscone> eating lw's brain works too
[15:42] <Peregrine> i'm going for the 0% investment option, as thats how good my finances are atm ;)
[15:44] %% mik has left
[15:44] %% mik has joined
[15:44] %% edrin has left
[15:48] %% Peregrine has left
[15:51] <mik> heh, there's an amusing typo inhttp://www.jabber.org/admin/componentadminguide.html#muc
[15:52] <zion> ?
[15:52] <mik> from the above link: the current version is 0.3, so download conference-0.4.tar.gz ...
[15:53] <mik> shouldn't that be muconference-0.3.tar.gz?
[15:54] <zion> aaahh good point
[15:54] * zion fixes it
[15:54] <mik> :)
[15:57] %% mik has left
[15:57] %% mik has joined
[15:59] %% mikem has joined
[15:59] %% pcurtis has joined
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[17:32] %% rob has joined
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[18:03] %% hildjj has joined
[18:03] <ChatBot> [hildjj]: And don't call me chief.
[18:03] <hildjj> coming to you live from the yahoo internet cafe in shinagawa japan.
[18:04] <rob> ooh
[18:04] <hildjj> our webclient rocks. :)
[18:04] <rob> hehe
[18:05] <hildjj> what's the deal with the subj?
[18:15] %% edrin has joined
[18:15] %% Edrin has joined
[18:17] %% Edrin has left
[18:17] %% Edrin has joined
[18:20] %% Edrin has left
[18:21] <edrin> hildjj: what webclient?
[18:21] <edrin> you are in japan?
[18:21] <edrin> what are you doing there?
[18:22] %% Edrin has joined
[18:22] <Edrin> test
[18:24] %% rob has left
[18:25] %% Edrin has left
[18:26] %% edrin has left
[18:27] %% pcurtis has joined
[18:28] <hildjj> Edrin: sorry. no notifications in this client. yes, i'm in japan on biz.
[18:28] <hildjj> i am using the jabber, inc. webclient.
[18:28] <hildjj> no, it's not publicly-visible any more.
[18:29] <hildjj> anyway, got to go. tty all later.
[18:29] %% hildjj has left
[18:31] * pcurtis yawns
[18:40] %% mikem has joined
[18:44] %% jazz has joined
[18:44] * jazz sigs
[18:44] * pcurtis yawns again
[18:45] <jazz> Bored?
[18:45] <pcurtis> yup
[18:45] <jazz> hehe.. Same.. and tired..
[18:46] <jazz> Anyone know how to get jabber and IRC working together?
[18:47] <pcurtis> I have never gotten any IRC to work with Jabber.
[18:47] <pcurtis> However ... there are a new IRC-t in the works as we speak.
[18:47] <jazz> Sweet.. Currently I can get a channel list. and a list of users in each channel..
[18:47] <jazz> But I can't connect to a channel and chat..
[18:48] <jazz> :-(
[18:48] <pcurtis> that's because that IRC-t uses a group chat protocol that's no longer supported by most of the clients.
[18:49] <jazz> Ahh.. Gotcha.. Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait for the new one..
[18:49] <pcurtis> you and me both ... :)
[18:49] <jazz> Or I could write my own..
[18:49] <pcurtis> you could :O
[18:50] <jazz> But IRC is an ugly, confussing protocol.. not too keen on that..
[18:50] <pcurtis> yes, it is.
[18:50] <pcurtis> and when you *do* write it, it won't have all the "hacks" that the IRC people want.
[18:50] <jazz> Yeah.. just all the hacks the jabber ppl want.. :-)
[18:51] <jazz> Hey, you heard of IRJ?
[18:51] %% mikem has left
[18:51] %% mikem has joined
[18:54] <pcurtis> IRJ? No, not one I've heard of.
[18:55] <jazz> It's internet Relay Jabber. Just found it. Looked ok at first, but ended up being rather crappy and a hackish work-around to get IRC on jabber. :-( poo..
[18:57] <pcurtis> ugh.
[18:58] <pcurtis> We could hack it in perl pretty fast, but it would an awful memory hog
[19:06] %% jazz has left
[19:22] %% krachyn has joined
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[19:25] %% krachyn has joined
[19:43] %% bej has joined
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[19:47] %% Nick has joined
[19:47] <ChatBot> [nick]: "Yarg"
[19:48] <Nick> lol Deal a protocol
[19:48] <pcurtis> [pcurtis]: "Erk"
[19:48] <pcurtis> You saw the e-mail?
[19:48] <Nick> yup
[19:49] <pcurtis> heh ... "Hey. Man. I got some great protocol here. Only $200 per <iq>. Great stuff, man."
[19:50] <Nick> lol
[19:50] <pcurtis> "but those muc <iq>s? that'll be extra. it's great stuff, man."
[19:50] <Nick> its those kinda people that you sign all sorts of contracts and papers and then hand them the public domain stuff
[19:51] <Nick> take your money and head for mexico
[19:51] <pcurtis> hehehe ... LOL
[19:51] <Nick> man im bored
[19:52] <pcurtis> me, too.
[19:52] <Nick> but i cant start coding because the future brother-in-law is coming over so i can take one of his finals
[19:52] <pcurtis> maybe not bored ... uninspired.
[19:52] <Nick> its a trade... i take one final and he comes over for a week to take care of the apartment while we are in dallas
[19:52] <pcurtis> come again? take one of his finals?
[19:53] <Nick> some sort of business comuter class
[19:53] <Nick> shouldnt take me more than 20 minutes to do
[19:53] <pcurtis> uh ... no honor code at his school?
[19:53] <Nick> of course there is honor code
[19:54] <Nick> but who gives a shit about that?
[19:54] <Nick> school is a giant sink hole for financial resources
[19:54] <pcurtis> I wouldn't know anyone ...
[19:54] <Nick> what a great system... you /pay them/ and then they can _still_ fail you
[19:55] <Nick> of course its only about a year and a half for your actual major
[19:55] <Nick> but they cant make any money doing it that way
[19:55] <Nick> so they add in 2 and a half years of crap
[19:55] <pcurtis> I know ... "Jabber University".
[19:55] <Nick> to make you "well rounded"
[19:55] <pcurtis> you can be President, Nick.
[19:56] <pcurtis> "Four year degree in six months! Guaranteed!"
[19:56] <Nick> ha
[19:56] <pcurtis> heh ... just buy one of those degrees from the spam ...
[19:56] <Nick> just a waste of time if you ask me. 4 frekkin years.. and thats if you take 18+ credits a semester
[19:57] <pcurtis> heh ... a wasted time for me. ;-)
[19:57] <Nick> you give away 1/40 of your life that could have been spent in the pursuit of happiness
[19:58] <Nick> and thats if you live to be 80
[19:58] <pcurtis> hmmmm .... I remember being pretty happy at college.
[19:58] <Nick> i picked the wrong school
[19:58] <pcurtis> must have.
[19:58] <Nick> only good thing that came out of it was meeting nancy
[19:58] <pcurtis> there you go ...
[19:59] <Nick> other than that it felt like highschool all over again... and i hated highschool
[19:59] <pcurtis> heh ... it was nothing like high school for me. Much better, more fun, and definitely more sex.
[20:00] <Nick> people that think their pittiful little lives actually matter. People with no power always tend to create some sort of power to fill the vacuum. And if that means an attendance policy for their class then thats what it will be
[20:00] <Nick> just to exert some sort of control over others
[20:00] <Nick> so they dont feel meaninless
[20:01] <Nick> im rather jaded about college proffessors
[20:01] <Nick> that was what i was exposed to
[20:01] <Nick> horrible
[20:02] <Nick> the other fun things were fucking with IT people at the school
[20:02] <Nick> (now some of my good friends)
[20:03] <Nick> but nothing like sending a whole section of the campus into a routing loop
[20:03] <Nick> and watching the guys scramble
[20:04] <Nick> or finding open tcp6000 ports on the various sun machines and pushing images like goatse.cx on to them while students were using them
[20:04] <pcurtis> hehehehe
[20:05] <Nick> or getting into open windows shares and deltree c:\
[20:05] <pcurtis> I had some good profs, but I had a lot of lamers like you said.
[20:05] <Nick> yeah... not all of my profs were bad
[20:06] <pcurtis> anal retentive, pedophilic poofters who needed to dominate because their wives ran their lives.
[20:06] <Nick> yeah
[20:06] <pcurtis> think "The Wall"
[20:06] <Nick> heh
[20:06] <pcurtis> working in the data center was cool, too.
[20:07] <pcurtis> and that room in basement of one of the buildings with a DEC machine and terminals ... and no users.
[20:08] <Nick> i had to take the intro to cs classes so i either wouldnt go, or go and take my laptop and hook up to my webcam in my room and see if my roommate was getting jiggy with that cute chic he was seeing at the time
[20:08] <Nick> that little X10 cam was a great investment
[20:08] %% Thomas Klein-Hitpaß has joined
[20:11] <Nick> the cool thing about that cam is that it can be battery powered... and stream audio and video for a period of 4 hours on the pack
[20:12] * zion tries to kill Nick the AdBot
[20:12] <Nick> ha
[20:12] <pcurtis> hehehehe
[20:12] <zion> die Nick The AdBot die
[20:12] * zion looks around for pop-under ads
[20:13] <Nick> ha
[20:13] <pcurtis> "jabber:iq:advertising"
[20:13] <Nick> the fiance sat down last night here at the laptop and was using phoenix. suffice it to say she was impressed that she no longer saw popups
[20:14] %% DrewCapu has joined
[20:14] <ChatBot> [DrewCapu]: "Excuse me, are you saying 'Ni' to that old woman?"
[20:15] <Nick> hrm
[20:16] <mikem> hm
[20:17] <DrewCapu> m
[20:18] <krachyn>
[20:20] <Nick> org.xml.sax requires and InputSource that takes an InputStream which is abstract. im curious if I could create an InputStream from a Channel and a buffer
[20:22] <Nick> jees... java io is complex :)
[20:23] <pcurtis> whiner.
[20:23] <pcurtis> It's not complex ... it's flexible.
[20:23] %% pcurtis has left
[20:24] <Nick> heh
[20:24] <Nick> as he leaves
[20:24] <Nick> the whore
[20:24] <DrewCapu> computer must've crashed
[20:24] <DrewCapu> while working on some java
[20:24] <Nick> heh
[20:25] %% pcurtis has joined
[20:25] <ChatBot> [pcurtis]: "Erk"
[20:26] <Nick> :)
[20:27] <Nick> okay time for more rtcw
[20:27] <Nick> no java code tonight
[20:27] <Nick> maybe next week
[20:28] <pcurtis> heh
[20:28] %% pcurtis has left
[20:28] %% pcurtis has joined
[20:28] <ChatBot> [pcurtis]: "Erk"
[20:30] %% pcurtis has left
[20:30] %% pc95402 has joined
[20:30] %% pc95402 is now known as pcurtis
[20:30] <ChatBot> [pcurtis]: "Erk"
[20:31] <pcurtis> nick: have you been fooling with ChatBot again? ;-)
[20:31] %% mikem has left
[20:42] <pcurtis> kibozer: chatyow
[20:42] <kibozer> ChatBot: .. Now KEN and BARBIE are PERMANENTLY ADDICTED to MIND-ALTERING DRUGS..
[20:42] <ChatBot> kibozer: What if they were not PERMANENTLY ADDICTED to MIND-ALTERING DRUGS?
[21:02] %% krachyn has left
[21:03] <Nick> yarg
[21:04] <Nick> patch downloading sucks
[21:05] <Nick> luckily prozilla helps
[21:05] %% matti has joined
[21:05] <matti> hi ppl, any beos users around here ?
[21:06] %% mikem has joined
[21:06] %% tech_jab has joined
[21:06] <Nick> if its not patch downloading its people that refuse to admit to themselves that their operating system of choice is dead ;)
[21:07] <matti> or more general, does anyone know why jabber for beos cannot connect to the MSN transport ? -- it gives a blahblah local loopback error
[21:08] %% rob has joined
[21:08] %% DrewCapu has left
[21:09] <Nick> someone didnt setup their msn transport properly
[21:09] <matti> i'm using jabber.org ...
[21:09] <mikem> as nick said ;)
[21:10] <matti> i'll try another server then ...
[21:10] <mikem> try amessage.info
[21:11] %% tech_jab has left
[21:11] * mattissage.info
[21:11] <matti> whoops
[21:11] <mikem> thats a server :)
[21:13] <matti> those damned new tld's
[21:13] <matti> life used to be a lot easier
[21:13] %% matti has left
[21:15] %% tech_jab has joined
[21:16] %% matti has joined
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[21:16] %% matti has joined
[21:16] <matti> ha it works
[21:16] <matti> merci
[21:16] %% matti has left
[21:18] %% tech_jab has left
[21:29] %% pcurtis has left
[21:39] %% A-Tuin has joined
[21:39] <A-Tuin> !seen peregrine
[21:39] <ChatBot> Last seen 5 hours 51 minutes ago
[21:44] <atrus> !seen reatmon
[21:44] <ChatBot> Last seen 6 days 6 seconds ago
[21:51] %% Thomas Klein-Hitpaß has left
[21:51] %% thomas has joined
[21:52] <thomas> evening
[21:52] <thomas> (ok early, early morning for me...)
[21:52] * zion starts christmas shopping
[21:53] <thomas> zion: Good Luck!
[21:55] <rob> starts?
[21:55] <zion> yep
[21:55] * rob finished his eight weeks ago
[21:55] <zion> last year I started at 10pm christmas eve
[21:55] <rob> thank my ridiculously efficient wife for that ;)
[21:55] <rob> ugh .. shops suck at that time
[21:56] <rob> I don't leave the house for two weeks before christmas .. the traffic is too stupid
[21:56] <zion> just got everyone a $20 online gift cert :)
[21:56] <zion> took me 5min
[21:56] <rob> hehe
[21:56] <zion> well... a traffic jam out here is 3 cars in one day
[21:58] <zion> amazon has a chat feature?
[21:59] <mikem> is it jabber-basd/!!
[21:59] <mikem> *?
[21:59] * zion looks
[21:59] <zion> http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/901886/104-4964102-2869569
[22:00] %% rob has left
[22:00] %% rob has joined
[22:02] <zion> mikem: you checking it out?
[22:03] <thomas> the donßt anything concerning jabber...
[22:04] * zion failed to parse thomas's last statement
[22:04] <thomas> sorry
[22:04] <thomas> I mean, they do not say anything of their chat is jabber-related.
[22:05] * thomas 's english is horrible
[22:06] %% carlb has joined
[22:06] <ChatBot> [carlb]: "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. " - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
[22:06] <carlb> hi all
[22:07] <zion> hola
[22:07] <thomas> Hi carl
[22:08] <carlb> hey thomas
[22:08] <carlb> hey there zion
[22:08] <carlb> rats, brb
[22:11] <thomas> I hope "rats" are in this case not that kind of "rats" i learned about in my english lessons...
[22:12] <thomas> We call them "Ratten" in Germany
[22:12] <thomas> I think, carlb means something different...
[22:13] <rob> "rats" its sometimes used as an exclamation in english .. often expressing disappointment or annoyance .. ie ..
[22:14] <rob> "rats, the server is down" == "damn, the server is down" == "thats a shame, the server is down" .. sort of like that
[22:17] %% Peregrine has joined
[22:17] <carlb> rob, right
[22:17] <Peregrine> hi all
[22:18] <carlb> hey Pere, long time no see
[22:18] <carlb> has anyone tried to use Psi on a linux box?
[22:19] <carlb> I am trying to set up a linux client on linux without much luck
[22:19] <Peregrine> try tkabber
[22:20] <carlb> cool
[22:21] %% DrewCapu has joined
[22:21] <ChatBot> [DrewCapu]: "Excuse me, are you saying 'Ni' to that old woman?"
[22:23] %% carlb has left
[22:26] %% thomas has left
[22:33] %% carlb has joined
[22:33] <ChatBot> [carlb]: "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. " - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
[22:37] <Peregrine> .
[22:37] <DrewCapu> ,
[22:38] <mikem> ;
[22:39] <Peregrine> ;) sorry, just testing my connection - its a little flaky atm
[22:42] <ukscone> not here but 0.0/0.9
[22:42] %% rob has left
[22:42] <DrewCapu> omg. i sold my soul to the devil.
[22:43] <Peregrine> mikem: you there? ;)
[22:49] <mikem> yeah
[22:51] <Peregrine> i might need you to test your clonebot again on mu-c .. i'm playing with the hash code to see if I can optimise it any
[22:51] <mikem> yay!!
[22:54] <mikem> i'll have to wait for dns to update, but what will the room jid be?
[22:55] <Peregrine> it'll be uks's server, but only when hes around so I can see how the usage goes up
[22:55] <mikem> ok
[22:55] <mikem> he just said something 10min ago
[22:56] <mikem> it'll be clones@conference.burninghorse.com when you're ready
[22:58] <Peregrine> bbiab
[22:58] %% Peregrine has left
[22:58] <mikem> k
[23:04] <carlb> what does it mean if I install an rpm but rpm -q does not show the rpm installed?
[23:10] <mikem> it means your using rpm
[23:10] <mikem> :)
[23:13] <DrewCapu> paths messed up?
[23:13] <DrewCapu> (just a wild guess) :)
[23:14] %% Nick has left
[23:15] <carlb> hmm
[23:15] <carlb> rpm -ivh psi.rpm
[23:16] <carlb> is the kind of command I am using.
[23:16] <carlb> it shows 100% install.
[23:16] <carlb> then rpm -q psi shows it not installed
[23:19] %% mikem has left
[23:27] <zion> blarg
[23:27] <zion> stupid greenhouses
[23:29] <zion> calls in the middle of the night complaining that its too cold
[23:29] <carlb> zion what do you think about my problem?
[23:29] <zion> spreadsheet problem?
[23:30] <zion> oh.. the rpmproblem
[23:30] <carlb> no, I am trying to set up a new linux box and ...
[23:30] <carlb> right!
[23:30] <zion> rpm -q psi-verion-complete-name
[23:30] <zion> might help
[23:30] <zion> you are doing this as root right?
[23:31] <zion> try: $whereis psi
[23:31] <carlb> using root
[23:31] <carlb> ah, ok, with the $ sign
[23:31] <carlb> ?
[23:32] <carlb> I never thought of using version
[23:32] <zion> no... $ <-- indicates shell
[23:33] <carlb> what is the command that shows where the rpm install files
[23:33] <carlb> ah, ok, so...
[23:33] <carlb> where is psi
[23:33] <zion> nospace
[23:33] <zion> whereis psi
[23:33] <carlb> er, whereis psi
[23:33] <carlb> ok
[23:43] %% Peregrine has joined
[23:44] <Peregrine> rpm -ql psi-version
[23:48] <carlb> yhanks
[23:50] <carlb> er, thanks
[23:51] <Peregrine> hmm .. how about a jogger clone on jabberworld ;)
[23:51] <zion> the jawelo author has been dying to get someone to install it
[23:57] %% Nick has joined
[23:57] <ChatBot> [nick]: "Yarg"
[23:58] <Nick> what fun this is
[23:58] <zion> yes... yes it is
[23:58] <Nick> im taking my future brother-in-laws business computer final for him
[23:59] <Nick> silly computer questions
[23:59] <zion> is that wise?
[23:59] <zion> where do you put the cd disc? A) The Floppy Drive B) The Hard Drive C) The Memory (RAM) D) The CD Drive